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Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company (known as a “PLC”) is a type of Limited liability company which is allowed to offer its shares to the public.


  • The company must either end with Public Limited Company or “PLC".
  • On incorporation the company is required by law to have a minimum authorized capital of £50,000
  • A UK Public Limited Company may offer to sell its shares to the public.
  • The company is allowed to offer its shares to the public provided that it meets certain criteria and is more accountable to the authority
  • Before it can start in business a Public Limited Company must satisfy Companies House that at least £50,000 worth of shares have been issued and that each share has been paid up to at least a quarter of its face value.
  • A Public limited company has to have a minimum of two directors (at least one physical person) and a minimum of two shareholders. The company secretary must be a person who can demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and experience to carry out their duties adequately. The minimum age requirement for a director is 16.
  • There are stricter filing and compliance rules compared to a Private Limited company. 7 months from the year end to file accounts to Companies House instead of the 9 month allowed for private companies

If you wish to form your Public Limited Company, just use the pull down menu to choose the type of company. If you are not too sure just pick up the phone and dial 02074073778.

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