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Welcome to Lincroft Associates online electronic company formation website. Established since 1998, we are a trusted and reliable company registration agent in the UK. We are your best choice for Offshore company incorporation, offshore company formation and Business Registration UK. We have been in the central location of London Bridge, close to Borough Market for more than 20 years  providing business registration, office services, accountancy and company administration services to both UK and offshore clients. We have now re located in the prestigious London venue of Mayfair where we are still working hard to service our clients.

Establishing International Business Company (IBC) is a modern trend for many enthusiastic businessmen for the purpose of growing their business globally. IBC is the most appropriate vehicle for a wide range of trading, investment, asset protection activities. An Offshore International Business Company is a medium chosen by many businessmen or professionals to buy properties abroad along with the efficient working of tax and investing reasons.

An International Business Company is also known as "Offshore Company" is a corporation or limited liability company that has been formed outside your country. IBC stands for 'International Business Company' or ' International Business Corporation' which is also termed as 'Non-Resident Company'.

An offshore company rarely conducts business in its country of origin. A generally offshore company is the one, which is incorporated in a country where taxation is lower and reporting restrictions are more flexible than the country in which you reside. Selecting a country for offshore company formation needs right advice and consultation.

An offshore company is a legal entity registered under the laws of a particular country or jurisdiction, conducting its business outside the country or jurisdiction in which it is registered. An offshore company can also be registered as an International Business Company (IBC) and usually serves as an instrument for international tax planning. Offshore Company Consultants provide a comprehensive range of offshore services for International Company Registration. The IBC consultants provide hassle-free offshore services for company formation in a very short span.

There are various reasons for forming an International Business Company. A properly established IBC will give the owner financial confidentiality. The International Business Company is a globally recognized form of doing business. More and more businessmen are going for Offshore Companies to attain various features and to gain optimum business advantages. Limited risk is a key factor responsible for the smooth running of a business organization, and unlimited life-span leads to transforming it into an international company. This is mostly used for holding, private investment capital securely offshore, in a country which is absolutely tax-free.

To set up an offshore company, you need to hire a consultant or a company which provides offshore company registration services. An Offshore consultant provides simple and quick services for the formation of an offshore company.

To make the process transparent and easy to navigate, you need to clear all the terms and procedure required related to cost and other essential formalities.

We have been in this business for over 21 years and we are not just a faceless web-based company which communicate only by email or charge you extra for calling us (using 0871 or 0870 numbers). Pick up your phone and call us, we will be happy to answer your queries or deal with any complaint...-- 
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