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Accounting Services :

We can relieve you and your team of a major burden by looking after all your book-keeping and accounting tasks, including compiling and filing of your annual accounts.


Our dedicated staff will work closely with you to fully understand your business needs. We will then tailor a package of services to meet your specific requirements. We at Lincroft Associates recognise that each of our clients is unique and requires cost-effective solutions. We make it our duty to competently and fully provide those solutions.


In addition to handling all your book-keeping, we can also maintain your VAT records, compile your accounts and prepare your short-term business projects to remove temporary overloads in your organisation.


A major part of our services is preparing management accounts. These are vital in sustaining the success of your business. We will discuss your requirements personally with you and give you tailored information and constructive advice on a regular basis.


We provide services for local and international clients. Our responsibility, as we see it, is to provide an equal service for all which is time-efficient, excellent value for money and individually tailored to client needs. Instead of standard fees, we formulate our costs according to our client's requirements. It is of paramount importance for us that we accurately assess our client's expectations in order to arrive at the most cost-effective solution for their business.


Our expertise can also allow us to make tailor-made recommendations to clients and uncover hidden opportunities for business growth, allowing clients to access professional sectors that they may not have believed to be accessible. We can provide access to Accountants & specialists outside the firm who we feel have the appropriate expertise for that client, if we believe it to be in the client's best interests. Our connections both local and international are numerous and well-established.

Our accounting services include

  • Book keeping
  • Filing of VAT Returns
  • Payroll
  • Business Start-Up Advice
  • Management Accounting
  • Preparation of Accounts and Tax Computations
  • V A T

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services with Lincroft

  • You can get online accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and all financial administration for your limited company or offshore company.
  • There is no need of separate account department in your company that saves your additional cost and worries to prepare accounts at local office. We can provide the financial administration and back office services to meet your all accounting requirements.
  • Our online system and accounting staff are very much trained and updated all the way with new financial amendments going on day by day that gives you information and guidance in advanced for benefit of the company. Even you can get the benefits of our connections with many highly skilled accounting experts and consultants for your critical accounting and financial issues.
  • Our management accounting services are highly appreciable that shows your business performance on frequent basis to take some important management decisions for better growth.
  • Our accounting services, not only help the existing limited companies based in UK. But also help the international companies setting up their base in UK. As the new business arrivals have the little knowledge about the compliance regulations, tax legislation and business environment pertaining to UK. We help them out with our professional relationship with financial institutions, bankers, law firms, insurance agencies and regional development organizations for their benefits.
  • Filing of VAT returns and VAT compliance will make your business operation more effective and professional to create a reputed tax payer company. This will avoid serious financial penalties or interest charges imposed by taxation regulators on failure of VAT compliance by the company.
  • Our payroll services will streamline and create tax compliance of your all payments, expense reimbursements and employee benefits. This will relieve your burden of payroll accounting with ever changing legislation and employer obligations. We closely interact with you about your employment policy and guide you to make ease in your financial management related to your employment compliances.
  • Our accounting expertise even assists you in your international business financial operations.
Our Services
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Off The Shelves :
Lincroft Associate is pleased to announce that from now on you can buy a ready-made company and start trading instantly.


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